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       You may have heard about the, The Thombogo Sky-Rider model 2010 Industrial / Luxury Class bicycle.

But, what is it really? What makes this type of bike so, unique? The part #02 story and the bike itself behind the story is in production due to consumer demand. The Thombogo Sky-Rider bike will have its own drawing board like display using, optical poly rendering with detailed, vivid, crisp, graphics to show its accurate precision. Its drawing board like display will also have icons located in different areas of the bike to describe its functions.

Thombogo Sky-Rider

- 2010 -

(The Legacy will continue to be perpetuated)

The, "Y" chip
Sky Rider

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There will be HD like animated pictures (Using flash software) showing what the, Thombogo Sky-Rider bike can do and so much more. Stay tuned at (Note: This Current Project Requires Time to Complete - Research is being performed)


!! Caution !!

 This story may contain hardcore drama (Located at the, "Intro Time Line" Presentation once completed) which would could lead to a hart breaking ending (Once all parts of project are completed)  Please, Beware. 

!!(Project may be subjected to resume into part #02)!!


Security Banner ! Security Banner !  ** (C) President of Thombogo is,  Derek D. Drzewiecki of U.S.A. ** Security Banner ! Security Banner !


Security Banner ! Security Banner !  ** (C) President of Thombogo is,  Derek Drzewiecki of U.S.A. ** Security Banner ! Security Banner !

Due to the request of the project's popularity, This project will be broken up into parts. This first part begins from the day of, June 1995 when the, creator of Thombogo had graduated from his high school until the day of, Christmas of 1996. (Part #01)

<-- To begin the story, click here or click on the, Thombogo Sky Rider Bike.

Sky Rider Bike

The First Story and the

Sneak Preview

For the Sneak Preview, click here to view some drawings (being developed in 3D ) of the, Thombogo Sky Rider Bike.


A question from, Mr. Death...

His father had asked his son, the Creator to return back to earth from limbo and help out his mother instead of going to heaven?

(Located at the, "Intro Time Line" Once Presentation is completed)

!!(Project is in current production)!!

In the Creator's MRI scan (Taken 8 of the 2003 year),  can be noticed. 

The crack is located here.


What  Happen to the Thombogo Sky-Rider 2010 Part #02 Bike Story?

In current production - Pending (Third Phase Completed)

See the Sneak Preview

Project is still in current production as of, July of 2013.

"July 2024 - Independence Day!!"