If the witnesses were here to give testimonials after reading this full length story, they would say...

Witness # 01. "My god, this young man, never had a car of his own. he did allot of bike riding over those years. Cost money to buy tires for his bike."

Witness = 02. "Both of the parent's vehicles sounded like hunk of junks. Why didn't the, state provide some type of assistance to help the creator to find a job?"

Witness = 03. "That weather in the mid-west is cold for the creator to ride his bike. What if he gets arthritis in his both legs or knees from riding his bike so often."

Witness = 04. "The electric stuff on his bike looks cool. The trailer hitch on the rear of his, Sky Rider is nice. How does his have the power to ride and steer that darn thing?"

Witness = 05. "You got to be kidding. A bike with metal plates to keep crude and other weather elements out from eating or messing the electrical system in the, Sky Rider bike. Those electric wheels rock!"

Witness = 06. "This young man is like a border line genius and I say this because even though, he was unable to date girl at the time, he always wanted to hang with women like a, hot-blooded American dude. If I didn't have a reasonable income if any to take my lady out due to not having any employment, I guess I would be doing the same thing like the creator to start somewhere in life by using my potential too."

Witness = 07.  "I'm not saying that, the creator's father was a big loser by all means but, it sounds like, his job after working there for over 30 years  had closed down and his company then, had left him with his family to take financial risks with there lives. I guess if, I was in my late 50's, knowing that no job was hiring me due to my age just like my son was not being hired at any job out there, I guess I would want to lay down and die on the couch in the family room and forget the worries too."

Witness = 08. "That last testimonial does sound sad, depressing and pretty messed up. What was his father's place of employment thinking? Closing down in, Englewood, Chicago because of the neighborhood starting to change? Why didn't his company give his father's family the funds to move out of state and then, relocate?"

Witness - 09. "Yes, the use of a car is so important these days. Without a car just like the creator, how would he  able to be accepted in the job market to work if the HR people at a job realize that, on his credit record, he doesn't have and own the responsibility of a vehicle in his name as co-owner? Yes, I heard that certain job places do review your credit record as well of what you own these days before or if the hire you."

Witness - 10. "Was the creator riding a bike or a tank on two wheels."

Witness - 11. "That bike was over 150 pounds? The creator had allot of physical power in order to actually ride the, Thombogo Sky Rider on the street while some times pulling a load of 5 gallon barrels of pool chemicals on his pull trailer every two to three at a time or so."

Witness - 12. "Would that bike be strong enough to pull a small car. One time, I did see the creator pull what appeared to be an eight-horse lawn tractor down the street from his house to a neighbor who lives down his street. That blue bike of his had great towing capacity"

Witness - 13. "Gear one, gear two, gear three, warp six Mr. ensign. I tried racing the creator on his sky rider while I was on my BMX bike. That bike of his seem to race up to thirty MPH beating me through and through. What type of gear ratio did he have on that darn bike unless he had a powerful human based engine. That type of power used in his body would cause a hart-attack. Does he have an organic thermal protector around his heart to prevent over heating of his heart? No heart attack? Wow! I'm surprised that, his circulatory system didn't rupture while pumping all that heated blood around his body during racing the bike."

Witness - 14. "I'm not saying that, I'm a talent scout agent but, If his high school had recognized the creator's potential and brains as well as his talents instead of them throwing his diploma at him like that as they do with other students who graduated from school, maybe today, the creator would been allot further in life and never had encountered that horrible crash on the street like that." Dealing with a lawsuit after that and all he got as net pay/award is around, $600.00 from a demand of, $90,000.00 gross. That's bull crap!"

     Now, those are some witnesses who encountered the, creator and his Sky Rider bike. Now, the story can read from your home PC in the comfort of your home. Before the story begins, a word from our sponsor.

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     During the time, witnesses have seen the creator though his three years of traveling around in the city on a bike of some type before the death crash which was involved with a driver who was driving her car in a rush to get to her home from her job that afternoon as of, June, 01 1998 @ about 4:30:00 P.M. Central Time  at 115th and Cicero. This finally lead into case # 02 L 16408 (After the creator's original lawyers had recused themselves from the same case after the, Defendant, the driver was given in her favor in arbitration court three years after the date of, June, 01 1998). That day on 08-24-2004 (Over six years in the Court system after the creator's death crash), at the Richard J. Dailey Center / Courthouse, when the creator at the stand, was asked by his new lawyer, Steven J. Plotkin about the purpose of the, Thombogo Sky Rider model 2010 Industrial / Luxury Class bicycle, the creator had never had the chance to explain to judge, Cheryl A. Starks, the jury and the other court members in room, 2103 about what this story is going to uncover today. "This would been more of a story rather a deposition", thought the creator as he sat there in the stand while his eyes had pondered all over the court room. Only the, creator's mother in the court room knew the whole entire story.

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