Back in the old years, perhaps the 1980's and on down, IC-Chips such as the common eight spider leg (shown on the left) were used in basic electronic operations. They were found in kid's toys, maybe used in small hobbies shops where electronic parts such that, were used for 4-bit functions. A chip similar to those functions were used to make low voltage diodes blink for model train scale cabooses, model railroad lights and for other blinking lights which were also used in other electronic components such as car alarms, recording lights for video cameras and other related electronic components.

     This electronic company of, Thombogo thought that, they had something but, they didn't, not from a long shot. In the early 1990's (Before the three-wafer chip was thought up of) their was a movie, a sequel from its first movie which came out in the theaters. It was about model T101 cyborg who was programmed in the future to arrive in the past to save a teen-aged boy from being killed by a liquid poly-alloy, model T1000 machine. For the next few years, not that much tension was paid after the movie had came out. A close look was studied regarding the chip which operated the model T101 cyborg. A chip which creates and runs artificial intelligence.
     With the changing of electronics every six months, this company didn't know if they should go, right, left, up, down or at another angle or so on. Why not try to compress functions or just have more functions in one IC chip. In the picture located off to the left-side is a beveled edge chip having twenty-eight legs. The magical part was, this same type of chip had three, that's three wafers in one IC chip alone. If this IC chip was X-rayed, this is how the wiring would appear inside of the chip (Down below). (c) 1996 Thombogo    
     The idea was finally made. A thombogian, computer motherboard which was able the work with a 586 chip and the artificial intelligences chip together. A computer which you can talk too (by using its microphone) and it will do the work for you without you touching the keyboard and/or the mouse. If your PC wasn't sure about something, it would ask you a question by talking back to you through using its soundcard and speaker. With its logical protection device built inside of the, thombogian intelligences chip, it wouldn't be able to procrastinate causing, hard drive file deletion, program corruption, mixing up files on the hard drive, accessing threatening material or computer viruses over the internet and so on. If the PC was hooked into an auto factory / computer factory / plastics factory / manufacturing plant / steel mill / food processing plant / nuclear power plant / paper mill / lumber yard or Ect, the PC still, wouldn't have the ability to over take any of the machines causing ciaos and unmercenary human deaths. There is no software upgrade since this CPU can learn from itself. The assumed value (During the mid-1990's) of this chip would be around, $3,168.78. 
     With its outer design, the chip would appear like a building. Because there was no funds to actually build the real, Thombogo computer factory, the body design resembling the, Thombogo Computer factory would be the dedication to the engineer's design. With this cool, killer technology (Having artificial intelligences) inside this chip, it was also shaped like a human skull if viewed straight down from the sky. This is also a trademark of, Thombogian technology. (c) 1996 Thombogo  
     This artificial intelligences CPU is about five inches wide, six inches long, and one-in-a-half inches high. It contains six layers of integrated silver based wiring. The dark-blue objects are the silicone wafers with platinum alloy connecters. The light blue lines would be the silver alloy / gold plated wiring connecting to the, dark-blue colored wafers. The pink colored lines are the round shaped titanium alloy spiders legs. The chip itself would be made of special low heating lead crystal to melt around the delicate wiring with-out anything else being damaged.

     The idea didn't stop there. Four years since the mid-1990's had gone by. Some disasters considered to be mild have been reported. Because this artificial intelligences CPU in each, Thombogian PC (If this artificial intelligences CPU was installed or came with the PC) in each household was picking up each member using the PC, the CPU was able pick up each member's traits with-in their house household. 

Example: #01. If the Thombogian PC found out from the man or women of the house hold that, he / she was having an affair with another man / women, the Thombogian PC would then, tell his wife / her husband the story when he / she would be near the Thombogian PC alone. This would also go for if, the spouse is a, secret drunk, secret gambler, dealing with domestic violence or doing unreported illegal activities that, the spouse would need to know about.  

Example: #02. If the Thombogo PC found out that a son or a daughter was using/selling/buying illegal street drugs or/and involved with street gangs / gambling / cutting during school time / in auto accidents / depending on any other related situation which could be threaten to their life style, then in return, it will report to the both parents or parent or legal guardian of that child.

Example: #03. If the, Thombogian PC was used at work, it would be able to pick up on issues such as, who's cutting out of work, if the boss was underpaying the workers, if a worker or workers together were involved in an illegal activity on the work grounds and so on.

     Over the past four years, it was Ok but, people were beginning to say that, the Thombogian PC was talking way too much about stuff. It would talk at the wrong time. It would talk about the wrong stuff once it started to learn more and more about who was using the, Thombogian PC. It never said anything nasty and/or harassing. It would just sit there in the room and talk about stuff. People would had to shut their, Thombogian PC off or disconnect the speaker if it was setup in their bedroom so, they can sleep each night. This is not what one Thombogian head engineer wanted. Yes, the CPU was able to listen to each user's request or orders and carry them out. The artificial intelligences CPU would remember each instruction and store it on the hard drive if repeated once again to save time.

     The main problem was, if the Thombogian PC found out that, the speaker was disconnected and it was unable to hear itself from the microphone, the artificial intelligences CPU itself (Not the existing 586 CPU) then would burn-up and self-destruct causing a, $3,100.00 loss of the artificial intelligences CPU itself. The computer itself still, would be running at full capacity as if the artificial intelligences CPU itself was disconnected from the motherboard.

     A huge financial loss was taken from, Thombogo from all the, $3,100.00 losses of each artificial intelligences CPU blowing out by itself. Allot of members of, Thombogo had to sit down and think what to do with the situation. Bankruptcy had to be avoided. There was a huge pile of these blown out artificial intelligences CPU's in a large hopper in the company's wear house which were mailed back from each consumer for a full refund. There was an estimation of over fifty-million or more of these artificial intelligences CPU's laying in the hopper. The chips just sat there and collected more dust. Around, $155,000,000,000.00 was refunded back to all of those, Thombogian PC customers.

     A new idea was invented. Why not recycle all those blown out artificial intelligences CPU's into something different? Everybody got up in the corporate room and clapped their hands for the, Thombogian head engineer. One more time was going to be attempted. Make a new improved artificial intelligences CPU. Thombogian engineers, computer scientists, psychiatrists, neurologists, other doctors who deal with human brain all got together to think up a new type of an artificial intelligences CPU. After a few years of study and research, the design was all completed on the drawing board.       

     This chip (shown on the left) is the next generation of IC-chip design. It is called the, "Y" Chip with a see-through crystal dome on the top center of the chip.

     This, "Y" chip is the antenna array used for telepathic communications. This view (Shown on the left-side) displays on how the micro-wiring is connected to the wafer to improve signal pick-up from neurological activity. This "Y"  chip is interfaced with its main antenna which can be installed on the, Thombogian PC's monitor. Talking to the microphone is no more when needed to communicate with the new, artificial intelligences CPU.  

     When sitting near the antenna, you would able to talk to the computer with your mind in the silence of your room without making the tapping noises on the keyboard. The antenna will able to pick up everyone's individual brain algorithm frequency and/or alpha waves to prevent interrupting the computer with conflicting instructions at one time (That is If more then one person's head is with-in the five foot radius of the antenna). 

     No one else would be able to know or hear what passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts you would be using when casting the information through your mind when logging onto the internet. Yes, there is the option of using the keyboard and/or mouse when needed with out using telepathy.

     Even the design of the silicone wafer has a new meeting. A tri-angle? There would be no more of the next model, Thombogian PC talking to you since you would able to communicate with it through your mind.

     There are not any known side effects / radiation poising to the brain or other parts of the body when communicating with the your, Thombogian PC. The Thombogian PC would be environmentally safe. The antenna has only a five foot radius to pick up brain waves.

     Once again, this would for the person who would be the closet to the, Thombogian PC with-out picking up someone else's mind in the room. Each user would have privacy.

 (c) 2001 Thombogo     

     Now, for the first time, this is the new improved super-microprocessor using multi-plexic technology. That means, located at the bottom center of the chip is a 1/16 (.0625) inch cubic chamber containing at least over twenty-two to twenty-five point three million (22,000,000 to 25,300,000) neuron cells all working together to function. With the chamber being vacuum sealed, the cells would not be damaged from rot with a special oil to keep the neurons preserved and alive.

     This is the type that works along with the other chip (The chip for the antenna array) that, picks up the telepathic communications when transmitted to this chip (The artificial intelligences CPU) for psychological  computations.  It was once said that, those brain cells were cloned from stem cell research but, using your mind to interface the mini-mind with-in the new artificial intelligences CPU chip while using the, Thombogian PC is easier then sitting over the seat and using the keyboard and mouse and stuff, why not just sit back, relax and let your eyes and your eyelids do the work.

     The new artificial intelligences CPU was going to be created in the year of 2073 but, the demand (if any) these day is raising so, these types of chips are also on the rise too.

     One of the best features is, your mind is interfaced with the artificial intelligences CPU. That means that, it's thinking of what your are thinking. You can have the artificial intelligences CPU pick up on your eye movements, your both eyeballs can make the mouse arrow on your screen (as you are looking at the screen) move across your screen by watching the mouse arrow move with your eyes. You right and left eyelids can act the as the right and left mouse buttons instead of using the mouse at all.

     You can type out words on your computer screen by using your thoughts. With today's face paced world out there, internet activity would be like a snap.

     Thombogo needed to use a special recycling method which was 100%  safe and was less then, 1/3 of the cost to re-manufacture and sell each chip. Some day in the future these, Thombogian PCS with the new artificial intelligences CPU could be created in our reality sometime in the future.

    "Anything could happen in the future as our lord, Jesus from heaven unfolds the paths of our lives.", The creator of, Thombogo.

- This info commercial was paid through the, Thombogo, Corp along with, Uni-Hex Electronics of Thombogo .- (c) 2009     ff 

Top Section of the, new artificial intelligences CPU chip. (c) 2004 Thombogo

Bottom Section of the, new artificial intelligences CPU chip with its 393 titanium alloy legs and its 3 titanium alloy negative legs.

     The new artificial intelligences CPU chip without the body built around it. There is over 17 ounces of metal alloy inside of the, "Y" chip. Silver alloy micro-wiring. Five silicone wafers stacked on each other to compress physical room with-in the chip.     

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     This, Thombogian engineer had a theory knowing that, this microprocessor which operated the, T101 cyborg was also digital operated. Over the few months, a 486 microprocessor was on its way going out in PC's everywhere.

     This electronic company of, Thombogo continued to study the different processors made for the PC's versus the super microprocessor which was used for the, model T101 cyborg.

     With the study from the, IC chips to, digital operated chips, would a CPU chip made for a PC be compatible enough to operate a cyborg? Some answers were coming up from here and there for this, thombogian electronic company.

     Then, all of a sudden, a 586 based microprocessor (Shown on the left) computer was coming out for the mid and late 1990's. This time, the company of, Thombogo had to think quickly. They needed to sit down and think on how to develop their version of a PC microprocessor combined with artificial intelligences rather being proud of their three-wafer chip design. That previous idea was put out in the dust.

     Due to very limited resources, creating the size of the chip would been an issue since the chip made for the, model T101 cyborg was created in the future (In the year of 202X) using resources more advanced then what, technology had existed during the mid 1990's.     

     One type of microprocessor already going obsolete in the mid-1990's was the 386 chip for the PC. Those types of processors were getting too slow to run digital based program applications on the PC. A newer type of microprocessor for the PC was on the drawing board by this well known computer company. This, Thombogian engineer had heard about it from that company but, had limited resources to work with the idea. 
     "No way!", thought of this one engineer who designs micro-processors at this electronic company of, Thombogo. A chip that contains artificial intelligences? The chip (shown on the left) was the similar chip which was used to function the model, T101 cyborg.

     During that time since the early, 1990's after that movie was made, more complex microprocessors were on the design board and ready to be manufactured for home and business computers in factories.

     But, this chip (The one shown on the left) really got the mind of this, Thombogian engineer. So, the digital based microprocessors for the office and home PC's where studied. Any other projects of, Thombogo were put to a halt for this new project to be commenced right away.

     More and more creative electronic devices were invented over the up-coming years since the eight and six-teen spider legs IC chip. The IC chip (Shown on the left) were used in more complex electronic equipment such as small computers / 4-bit and 8-bit video game systems, home stereos, larger TV's, VCR's, larger tone bank music keyboards, built-in printing type desk calculators, microwaves, video board games, home based walkie-talkies, CB radios and much, much more.

     A small company (with-in, Thombogo) who deals with some type of electronics had this theoretical idea of designing a more advance type IC chip. It would operate about the same but, with more functions at one time. This company was aware of these rectangular and square shaped chips having only one silicone wafer in each of these IC chips.

     Later on, the next level of the IC chip was the 16 leg chip (shown on the left). It was used in small radios, LCD clocks, musical keyboards, in some liquid crystal screen hand held video games and so on. These types of IC chips were also used in car stereo's, analog TV's, answering machines, racing car remote controls and so on. These chips were considered as solid state rather then using vacuum tubes in electronics since tubes would take longer to warm up such, if a television set was turned on to watch. It would take three to five minutes to have the screen finally display a picture when using vacuum tubes rather waiting a few seconds when having solid state chips in your TV set. This is for C.R.T. base television sets. With flat screen / non-CRT TV's digital electronics are used to process the picture. 

A New Type of Super Micro-Processor Design

From the old fashion / traditional, square / rectangular shaped chips to the next generation of chip designing.

"Science fiction or, could this be real as, we know it? (- Info commercial paid by the, Thombogo, Corp. -) 

Out of this world!

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